Thursday, March 12, 2015


In her post on November 24, 2014, Juli wrote about an artist, Nathan Sawaya, who does amazing Lego sculptures. (To read her post, click here.)  I was absolutely fascinated by his work.  Juli was fortunate enough to go to one of his exhibits.  I'm sad to say there are no exhibits scheduled for anywhere near my home for the foreseeable future.  For his home page, so you can check his schedule, click here.

Just in case you don't follow Juli's blog, "Surviving Boys", & you should, I'm posting this today. I didn't want anyone to miss seeing his work!!

He does sculptures on a variety of subjects,
using only Lego "bricks".
Here is just a small sample of his work:


 "Bare Bones in Bricks"

"Easter Island"




The lion in front of the New York Public Library


I think this is Juli's son looking at the T-rex 

This video shows him making a Lego cello:

Some cartoons:

Sorry I didn't have time to actually write a post but the voices told me to clean all my guns today----fishducky