Tuesday, March 24, 2015


(Where my title came from.)

This man’s Starbucks cup doodles would brighten up anyone’s day!!

(source: BuzzFeed)

Josh Hara is a creative director at a marketing agency in Columbus, Ohio, but he’s also a dab hand at doodling.  He’s hit upon a way of combining his hobby with his love of coffee. The blank parts of his Starbucks takeaway cups have become his canvas for what he’s called the #100CoffeeCups project on Twitter and Instagram.  “I started doing this back in February. I get a Starbucks coffee every single day, and for a long time I’d been noticing how pristine that blank panel of the cup was.”

Josh, who has been drawing cartoons since he was a kid, said he always wanted to draw for a living.  “But having been full aware of how competitive that landscape was, coupled with the strong desire to be able to afford the occasional hot meal, I ended up making more practical choices with my career. But I’ve never stopped making them. And thanks to my daily Starbucks intake, I probably never will.”

So far, Josh hasn't had any response from Starbucks about his drawings--at least, not officially.  “I did connect with someone on their social media team after they started printing their “Barista promise” right smack dab in the middle of the best part of the cup. He was kind enough to locate a sleeve of the old cups and Fedexed them to me.”

I, personally, am not a Starbucks aficionado,
but I might be if they served it in these cups!!

Here’s one of his latest cartoons,
an ode to Kim Kardashian:

 Below is some more of Josh’s work:

And my personal favorite:

And some other funny stuff:

As Escher sees Starbucks:

You know what I hate? Indian givers... no, wait, I take that back!!----fishducky