Monday, April 6, 2015


I wrote the first paragraph below in a post titled "WHAT SHARK?" in November, 2013:

My daughter, Nameless, & I had this thing going for several years.  We had a rubber shark, similar to the one in this picture.  It was about 6" long.  I can't remember who started it--probably me--but we used to hide it in each other's house.  One day, she would find it on the handle of her toilet & a month or so later it would be in a leftover dish in my refrigerator.  It would magically appear in someone's toothbrush holder, underwear drawer, the slot in a VCR where you insert the videotape or ANYWHERE!  The really funny part of this was, with no agreement or discussion of any kind, we NEVER mentioned that the shark even existed.  In fact, her husband found it once while I was at their house & asked where the shark came from. Both Nameless & I looked at him & asked, "What shark?"  I haven't seen that bugger for over 10 years.  I wonder if it's lurking somewhere in my house, waiting for me to find it!  I'd ask Nameless about it, but she'd probably say, "What shark?"

The reason I'm bringing this up again is that on Saturday, March 28th, we took our kids out to dinner, as we do almost every weekend.  After dinner I stepped outside to have a cigarette (yes, I still smoke!!) & left my purse in the restaurant.  I am a diabetic & always carry my blood sugar meter with me.  When I took my meter case out to check my sugar Sunday morning, guess what was in it?  That's right--the shark!!  Only I had misremembered, it was actually a whale.  With a blowhole.  Here's a picture of it:

Of course, I couldn't say anything to Nameless about it but I did get this explanation from Bud as to why she need him to hand her my purse. Nameless told him that she had been getting some things ready to give to the Salvation Army. Among them was a bathrobe that she hadn't worn for at least 10 years.  While checking the pockets she found our old friend.  

Now, of course, I have to give it back to her & I'd like to do it in a really clever way!!  I thought about having her husband putting it in a refrigerator drawer or on the handle of the gearshift in her car, but he'd probably laugh & ruin the surprise.  We had dinner at her house Saturday, but that was too soon to re-hide it.  I'll need several ideas because I know it'll start traveling again. She doesn't read my post so I'm begging you--PLEASE GIVE ME SOME SUGGESTIONS!!  I have to be ingenious because Nameless is very smart--in fact, this was her picture on her Facebook page a while ago:

(The whale is 5" long & 1 & 1/2" across at the fins.)

Save the whales. Collect the whole set----fishducky