Monday, May 18, 2015


I'm pretty sure she's not 
doing this backflip correctly!

I can't help her, but I may be able to help you!!  
BuzzFeed had a lot of suggestions you might be able to use.  
Check them out:

Tired of having the whole roll of foil or plastic wrap 
coming out of the box when you're trying to tear off a sheet?  
Push in the locking tabs on the sides:

Using this kind of plunger in your toilet?
(It's made to use in sinks.)
This is the kind you should use for toilets:

Don't spoon the topping onto Greek yogurt:
Fold the carton, instead:

The paper cover is supposed to hang down in the front
to avoid unsightly accidents:

Most of your pots have emergency spoon rests:

Need a quick coaster for your fountain drink?

 Bacon not covering your whole sandwich?
Lattice it before cooking:

Add 1 teaspoon baking soda to the water & your
hard boiled eggs will slip right out of their shells:

Is your mouth too small to eat cupcakes with fluffy frosting?
Make a mini-sandwich out of them:

Making potato salad & don't want to peel all those potatoes?
Boil them & then put them in cold water for 5 minutes, then slide the peels off:

 Can't find the blue tee shirt?

Fold your clothes into a "file":

Tired of cutting cherry tomatoes one by one?
Put them between two lids or plates,
press down & slice straight across: 

Can't open your banana at the stem end?
Pinch the bottom & open there:

New shoes too tight?
Put on heavy socks, put the shoes on
& aim the hair dryer at them:

Don't want to heat up the kitchen to bake cookies in the summer?
This may not work but I bet it's
the world's best air freshener!!

For instructions on how to peel an orange,

(You can get some more weird ideas online at Crazy Russian Hacker!!)

Pilot: Have you ever flown in a small plane before?

Passenger: No, I haven't.

Pilot: Well, here's some chewing gum. It'll help to keep your ears from popping.

Pilot (after the plane landed): Did the gum help?

Passenger: Yeah, it worked fine. The only trouble is now I can't get it out of my ears!!

A plea for help from my friend, Carol Wyer:

HELP! I really, really need your help, support and help from you, friends and family. Grumpy Old Menopause is up for the prestigious People's Book Prize award but needs your votes. You can vote from any email address but only one vote per category. GOM is in the non-fiction category. Any problems logging on or registering please let me know and please ask your friends too. I know some might be reluctant to vote for a book they haven't read but last year entire schools voted and this year one publisher has the support of Cross Engineer workers so every vote is vital. Thank you so much, xx  

You're welcome!!----fishducky