Monday, June 15, 2015


(You men out there can thank BuzzFeed for most of these answers.)

For women who get their periods, what does it feel like?

Hot flashes aren't really that bad, are they?

But do you feel real pain when you have menstrual cramps?

How common is it for women to lie about their orgasms?

If you’re straight, what really is the most important quality 
you look for in a man?

Do you really think men's butts are sexy?

Do you take it personally if the man you’re 
sleeping with can’t function?

When it comes to penis size, how big is too big?

What do you find most attractive in other women?

If you could change ONE thing about men, what would it be?

Are you willing to comply with all your partner's 
requests during sex?

For all mothers out there: what’s the most accurate way to 
describe what it feels like to be 9 months pregnant?

What does giving birth actually feel like?

Will a sexy smile turn you on?

And some questions cartoons for either sex: