Tuesday, September 22, 2015


You've played this:

I've just come up with a brand new version which, of course, is called, "fishduckyopoly"!! Monopoly is about life, while my game is about life as I wish it could be.  Here is an enlarged picture of the board.  I've numbered the squares to make it easier for you to see what the changes are.

 1.  Collect new credit cards as you pass GO.
 2.  Helicopter pad
 3.  No more Community Chest--I had a mastectomy.
 4.  Extra large clothes closet
 5.  My accountant handles this.
 6.  Beverly Hills Ferrari dealer
 7.  Hairdresser's house 
 8.  If there’s a chance I want it, I’ll get it!!
 9.  Masseur's house
10. Manicurist's house
11. I was sure I had paid for that ruby necklace!!
12. Gucci's
13. Leave the lights on; I own this utility!!
14. Prada
15. Cartier
16. Beverly Hills Lamborghini dealer
17. Seamstress’ (Vera Wang; I like casual clothes) house
18. See #3
19. Chauffeur’s (Dale Earnhardt, Jr; because I feel the need for speed) house
20. Chef’s house (I fired Gordon Ramsey; I didn’t like his attitude.  The position is currently open.)
21. I can park anywhere; I have a handicapped plate.
22. Apartments I own that you couldn’t afford.
23. See #8
24. More apartments I own that you couldn’t afford.
25. Whatever
26. Beverly Hills Rolls Royce dealer
27. Beach house
28. Mountain chalet
29. Still Water Works, but now it’s what I turn on if Bud says I can’t have something.
30. The really big yacht!!
31. Go to expensive restaurant for dinner.
32. Condos that I own
33. Spare condos that I own
34. See #3
35. Servant’s quarters
36. Beverly Hills Porsche dealer
37. See #8
38. Rodeo Drive
39. What Bud has to pay for my jewelry fixation.
40. Where we’re building our new mansion.

The rules are identical to this game:

My son Matt has a tattoo of me & his father.  
Bud bears a striking resemblance to the Monopoly man!!

I plan to be spontaneous tomorrow----fishducky