Tuesday, October 13, 2015


My friend Shirley sent me these sketches by Victor Nunes & they blew me away!!  This is his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/victornunesfaces.  He lives in Sao Paolo, Brazil, so it's in Portuguese.  I've done collages, but never with these materials.  I think Mr. Nunes has quite the imagination--see if you agree:

 I love the lettuce lady!!

Put a lock on/in it!!

Mr. Nunes is pretty sharp!!
 For when your rubber bands have seen better days:
 So this is where all my missing pen tops are!!
 A floral fantasy:
 Finally--a use for grape stems!!
 When you're through shaving your legs:
 Do they have Georgia Crackers in Brazil?
 Sometimes you feel like a nut...
 Hi, Sweetie!!
 These are the shavings you're left with
after you sharpen a pencil:
 If these are dried apricots, 
I wonder what he could do with banana chips?
 You could probably trim your cuticles with these, too!!

Caracu is a Brazilian beer.
He probably has lots of these bottle caps!!

 I'd never have enough potato chips left to make these:
 Sometimes Bud's mustache feels this stiff!!
  Pass the popcorn!!
Interesting fortunes!!
 I don't know why he didn't do a referee!!

We still have room for a few cartoons:

Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn--then, by all means, be a unicorn!!----fishducky