Friday, October 23, 2015


I don't spend all my time at the computer, you know.  Oh, I do now, but it wasn't always the case. I used to actually create things, & I'm not talking about my three kids.  For instance, my husband had a client who owned Happy Hen Eggs.  The hen on the carton didn't look happy at all--in fact, she looked a little nauseated.  I offered to draw him a new one, which he agreed was much better.  This is it:

Just a few (really!!) samples of my work:

I've personalized about a dozen or so mirrors
with refrigerator magnets, buttons, etc:
This is Nameless's--I made it when her girls were small.


In my entry hall:

(The bottom got cut off the picture.)
It says, "Love, laughter and friends are always welcome here."

A clay bust of an Asian man.
Sorry for all the light reflection.
He's only about 7" high.
I haven't sculpted anything in stone or marble--yet!!

Some charcoals

Some pen & ink drawings

(I love San Francisco Victorian houses.)


 My pastel version of a Turner oil

And oils

But what I love most is working in
stained glass!!

Some lamps
Nameless'--she loves geometric shapes

Matt's (AKA Fishman)

Two views of the same lamp
in Bud's home office

Above Nameless' front door
(I told you she likes geometricals!!)

For a friend:

This was at the landing of my cousin's stairs:

And these were on either side of her front door.
They are mirror image except for the placement of the hummingbirds:

One of a pair of Fishman's mirror image windows in his basement.  
The dirt grass comes up to the bottom of the windows outside.
And my own personal favorite,
a 4' x 6' window in my entry hall.
I try not to take things too seriously--
can you find the worm?

Below are the last things I did.
I made nameplates for Elisa's oldest girls 
& then I decided I should have one, too!!

Here is the last thing I made.
Elisa of The Crazy Life of a Writing Mom 
married her wonderful husband Mike in September.
Elisa had liked a poem by Janie Junebug 
very much & Janie asked me if I could incorporate it into some artwork 
to give to the newlyweds as a wedding gift from the two of us.

I mounted the poem on Masonite & painted the lakeshore with a 
heart shaped stone (with a tiny bit of glitter on it)
partially covered by the water.

Here it is framed (with reflections from my window):
This is Janie's poem:

The Stone
By Janie Junebug

a grey stone
found on the shore
of a great lake


cleansed by the waters
and made smooth
by fine grains of sand

the perfect grey stone