Monday, November 9, 2015


God commanded His people to disperse & populate the whole Earth, so, of course, they didn’t.  They had what they thought was a better idea.  After all, there were lots of them & only one God.  Two heads are better than one, right?  How about a thousand heads?

The people had all congregated in a great city & they believed God was in the sky, not too far above them.  They thought that if they built a tall enough tower they could climb it to go up & visit Him.  They knew God would appreciate it, too, because it would be easier for Him to pop in for a cup of coffee whenever He felt like it.  God did love His coffee!!

This was a bad idea for a couple of reasons.  The first being that Mr. & Mrs. God really valued their privacy & had no desire to have to entertain uninvited mortals.  The second reason was that God intended His people to spread out & live in different lands.  They talked it over & Mrs. God came up with an idea.  She said, “You know how annoying it is when Thor & Odin drop by & talk to us in Norwegian?  You could never really master Norwegian, no matter how hard you tried.  Right now all those tower people speak the same language, but…”

The building of the tower had gotten underway.  Everyone was called into duty & sons worked alongside their fathers.  You would hear things like, “Would you like some water, Father?” & “Bring me that plank & some nails, Son.”  Everyone got along marvelously until God tried His wife’s idea.  Soon the teenaged boys had developed a new language which their fathers could not understand.  Every sentence had to have “like” in it somewhere.  Strange words such as “wassup” & “twerk” escaped their young lips.  Even more frightening, there was talk of a weapon; the “photobomb”.  To make matters worse, several of them had gotten their hands on machines which were obviously of satanic origin.  They typed messages in a secret code back & forth to one another other, such as “IDK”, “LOL”, “ROFL” & even “CUL8R.”  The language was strange, indeed, even more so than Norwegian, yet somehow they understood each other.

Things became so confusing that all work on the tower stopped.  Parents took their children & moved to faraway lands to escape what they believed was a bad influence on them.  Unfortunately, the children took their devilish machines with them & are still sending incomprehensible messages to each other even unto this day!!

(To be continued.)

Another version of the story:

I know you think you understand what you thought I said, but I'm not sure that what I wrote is actually what I meant----fishducky