Monday, November 16, 2015


David was a shepherd boy who lived in Israel.  He took care of sheep but he wanted to be a warrior.  His brothers were warriors, but David was too small to make the A team like them.  He was not happy being a substitute; he wanted to be a starter.  His father sent him to the front to get news of his brothers, who were fighting in a war.  They were actually playing football but it was a much rougher sport at that time; the losers were killed!!

When Saul, the king of Israel, was tired of fighting in the game/war, he asked David to play his harp for him although David much preferred playing a rock guitar.  David’s music made him feel better.

One day a terrible giant Philistine warrior named Goliath started bragging to his warrior friends that none of the Jews would dare to fight him. And he was right; the Jewish warriors were all afraid of big Goliath.  He would definitely be the first pick for the pros next year.  Then little David said, “I’ll fight Goliath.  Just let me suit up & grab my stuff.”  And he went and got some stones for his slingshot.

The giant just laughed at him.  His warriors started chanting, “Goliath, Goliath, he’s our man.  If he can’t kill David, no one can!!”  David put a stone in his sling and flung it.  The stone hit big Goliath on the head.  Then David killed him with his own sword.  All of Goliath’s teammates ran away. 

The little shepherd boy had saved the game for the Jewish people.  He was immediately placed on the varsity roster.  He was so brave & well-liked by the fans that he made the All-Pro team.  When Saul died they elected him king of Israel, but instead of "Your highness" everybody called him "Big Dave"!!

(To be continued.)

Wanna know how tall Goliath really was?

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No wonder Goliath lost--the man was stoned!!----fishducky