Wednesday, December 23, 2015


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To take the pressure off ourselves when it's time to buy a present for a new baby, Bud & I limit ourselves to two choices.  If we really like the parents, we'll buy the baby a tricycle.  If we don't, the baby gets a toy drum set!!

Part 1--When Jesus was born:

Part 2--When I was born (1934):

Mothers & babies stayed in the hospital for a minimum of ten days.  The mother was not allowed to exercise, but they had her swing her legs over the side of the bed two days after giving birth. My dad got a bill for an extra $10.00 when he checked my mom & me out.  On it was a note saying that they were very sorry, but due to rising costs they had to charge an extra $1.00 a day for the nursery.  Lucille Ball held me in her arms in a movie scene when I was a month or so old.

Part 3--When my kids were born (1959-1963):

My sister-in-law & I were pregnant at the same time & saw the same obstetrician.  We would go to our appointments together, get checked & weighed & then go out for a hot fudge sundae.  We figured we'd have time to lose the weight before our next appointments.

I remember being at a party at a friend's house when I was pregnant with Nameless.  I had a big bowl of popcorn on my lap.  She kicked & the popcorn went flying everywhere.

Our daughter, Nameless, was my parents’ first grandchild.  We called them around 1:00 am & they met us at the hospital along with Bud’s folks.  She was born at 4:10 am & I guess everyone was pretty tired, excited & punchy by that time.  My obstetrician, Dr. Weinberg, was a very large, stern-looking (but funny) man who spoke with a thick German accent.  He came into the waiting room & announced that I had had a beautiful baby girl.  My mom excitedly asked him who the baby looked like.  He thought for a minute, said, “She looks like ME!” & turned & left the room.

When Nameless was about two years old & I was very pregnant with our next one, she & I were marketing in an extremely crowded grocery store.  She was seated in the cart facing me & I was wearing maternity pants & a loose fitting smock on top.  She had been told to be careful of my stomach because there was a baby in there.  She lifted up my top & yelled, "I wanna see the baby!!"  She probably had not seen this cartoon:

I had very easy &, apparently, VERY quick deliveries.  When our second son was born, I had asked for something to ease the pain & promptly fell blissfully asleep.  A nurse, who had been in the delivery room, later came into my room laughing.  She said Dr. Weinberg asked her if she had ever seen one of my babies being born.  She told him no.  She said he warned her to stand back & said, “SWOOSH!!”  I wonder if she’s the one who designed the Nike logo. 

While I was still in the hospital after one of my deliveries (I think I had a three day mandatory stay) I asked the nurse to turn off the phone so I could get some sleep.  She came in & woke me. She apologized, told me Bud was on the phone & that he said it was an emergency.  His emergency?  He needed to know how much detergent to put in the washing machine to wash a full load of diapers!!

Part 4--Today (2015):

Drive up to the hospital speaker & order your baby, pay at the first window & pick up your baby at the second window!!

We used to send a card to new parents.  It said, "Why did you have to go & have a baby?  We would have given you one of ours!!"----fishducky