Wednesday, November 16, 2016


There are many strange happenings in these, our United States.  There are many more than just 21 these I found in BuzzFeed.  Many states have strange laws, too.  You can see some of them here and also here.  

1. In Michigan, you can obtain a unicorn hunting license from Lake Superior State University.

2. The town of Talkeetna, Alaska, has had a cat named Stubbs as mayor for 15 years.

3. One town in Colorado celebrates a frozen dead guy for a few days every year with a festival
literally called Frozen Dead Guy Days.

4. West Virginia is plagued with tales of a mythical murderous creature called the Mothman.

5. In Carmel, California, high heels over 2 inches are strictly prohibited without a permit.

6. Two towns in Arizona get their mail delivered via mules.

7. There is a light bulb in Livermore, California, that hasn’t burned out for over 100 years.

8. In Texas, it’s illegal to sell your eye.

9. Even though it’s a thoroughly landlocked state, Wyoming actually has 32 named islands within its state lines.

10. You can thank former Rhode Island Gov. Ambrose Burnside for sideburns.

11. There is a shop in Alabama where you can purchase unclaimed baggage from airports around the world.

12. Goatees are illegal in Massachusetts — unless you first pay a special license fee.

13. Neither Arizona or Hawaii observe daylight saving time.

14. The world’s largest furry convention, Anthrocon, occurs in Pittsburgh every year.

15. Monowi, Nebraska, has only one resident, and she’s the mayor, librarian, and bartender.

16. Clark, South Dakota, is home to the world-famous Mashed Potato Wrestling Contest.

17. Neither Connecticut or Rhode Island ever approved the 18th Amendment, aka prohibition.

18. There’s an amusement park in Pennsylvania themed entirely around spaghetti sauce.

19. In South Carolina it’s illegal to play pinball if you are under the age of 18.

20. There are only two escalators in the entire state of Wyoming.

21. And the entrance to Guinee--the voodoo underworld--can supposedly be found in seven
spots throughout New Orleans.

One of my favorite state songs:




  1. Definitely some weird facts here. I had to hide some of this post. Jazz already thinks he should rule the world, I don't want him to apply to be mayor.

    1. People have voted for stranger things than cat mayors!!

  2. I'm telling a few of my friends to drop in and see this :)
    I love that last bit, "I'm not crazy, I'm special...."

  3. 8. In Texas, it’s illegal to sell your eye.

    Is that why they are upon you all the live ling day.

  4. I agree; there are a lot of hipsters here in Oregon.

    1. Hipsters, hillbillies, hurricanes--same thing!!

  5. Weird but interesting and shows the US in a more apt division of people and their interests, fears and priorities. I know some other names but they may not be politically correct. . .

  6. We are a strange nation. Kind of lost my lunch though reading about the animal brothel. Good grief people.

    1. It IS hard to believe such a thing even exists!!

  7. I like reading your news about the US much better than the current news about the US.

    1. It's a lot funnier/peculiar than the election results!!

  8. I like the movie backgrounds map and the scary things map. The devil went down to Georgia, heh, heh!


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