Friday, January 1, 2016


Oh, my dear
I fear
The new year
Is no longer near
It’s here
For all of us, whether we’re 
A gondolier
An emir
An auctioneer
A black marketeer
Or even an aerospace engineer
It may sound queer
But it's a new frontier
People from Rio to Zaire
Are celebrating far and near
This new calendar year
By putting their car in gear
And going out to have a beer
With a peer
And maybe have some olives on a toothpick spear
There’s no need to shed a tear
Or sneer
Or give a Bronx cheer
Or in any way to jeer
You may act cavalier
And I don’t mean to interfere
But don’t forget to schedule your pap smear
Lest your health become unclear
(Your health concerns should be premier)
This next point I’d like to make very clear
Don’t make your resolutions so severe
Like so many on our celestial sphere
That in a week they’ll disappear
If you’re feeling your age these words of consolation I’d like to volunteer
And believe me I am quite sincere
As I whisper in your ear
For you alone to hear
Please allow me to be bolder
And say that if you were a racehorse today you’d automatically be another year older!!

This one is last year's, but it's still appropriate:

I think change is good as long as I don't have to do anything differently----fishducky