Tuesday, January 5, 2016


(Ed. note: Some of this is from a blog I posted in January, 2014.  Some of it isn't.)

Are you messy or are you obsessive-compulsive?  
Do you like to have things in a strict order? 
Below are some suggestions on how your world might be improved:

Alphabet soup:

Soup in alphabetical order:

Nature's trees:

 Do-it-yourself trees:

A busy park:

An orderly park:

A fruit salad:

A fruit salad 
(Not touching other foods):

Average parking lot:

Parking lot, color coded:
(above pictures from biggeekdad.com)

Do you like your gas purchases to come out even
(even at $4.00 a gallon)?

And your cantaloupe to fit into the bowl?

 How about having your bottles all lined up & standing 
at attention as God intended?

Do you believe your tools should fit the space intended?

Don't you think that shadows should never color outside the lines?

And that even sprinkles should be color coordinated?
(above pictures from BuzzFeed)

They told me I was gullible--and I believed them----fishducky