Thursday, January 21, 2016


All you need is a little ingenuity,
as shown by these examples:

Clock still works?  Got pen & paper?

Build a handy pizza cutter:

Install an inexpensive sprinkler system: 

You can put in a back porch without a contractor: 

Stadium seating for watching TV:

When you want a really strong bumper:

When you've finished the pizza & need a hat: 

When the basketball net got torn off:

Got a bunch of friends coming over for a barbecue?:

When you forgot to ask for chopsticks: 

When they won't let you in the restaurant without a tie:

When it's raining & your convertible roof leaks:

When you have a hole in your only pair of black socks:

Dual purpose seat & clippings collector: 

For when you can't find a clean bowl: 

Why buy another wastebasket?:

Pizza cold?: 

Duct tape fixes everything

When your hand mixer is on the fritz: 

Use a subtle bandage until it heals: 

Need a wine glass to capture the full bouquet?: 

Need a heavy duty door stopper?: 

Hairy & want to impress the ladies with your abs?:

At a picnic & forgot to bring the baby seat?:
(Pictures from too many sources to identify.)

Hard work pays off in the future. Laziness pays off now----fishducky