Thursday, February 11, 2016


The first 13 are from BuzzFeed.  The rest are mine.

1. The largest gathering of “twerkers”
Eduardo Munoz / Reuters
On September 25, 2013, an event was organized in New York City to break the Guinness World Record for largest number of people twerking.

2. Covered by the largest number of bees
China Stringer Network / Reuters
On May 27, 2014 in Taiwan, China, a man named Gao Bingguo is covered with bees during an attempt to break the Guinness World Record. Gao set a new record after having had 326,000 bees on his body at one time.

3. The most number of people in a car
Ilya Naymushin / Reuters
On May 16. 2015, students from the Siberian Federal University team squeezed into a car during an attempt for a Guinness Book of World Records for the most number of people in a car in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. The three best teams from Krasnoyarsk took part in the final competition and surpassed the certificated record of 40 persons.

4. The largest swimsuit photo shoot
Tim Wimborne / Reuters
On September 26, 2007, 1010 bikini clad women posed on Australia’s iconic Bondi Beach to set a new Guinness world record for the largest swimsuit photo shoot.

5. The most beer mugs carried
Michael Dalder / Reuters
On September 7, 2014, Oliver Struempfl carried 27 mugs over 40 meters to set a new record for in carrying one liter beer mugs over a distance 131 feet in Abensberg, Germany.

6. The largest “Thriller” event
Henry Romero / Reuters
On August 29, 2009, over 12,000 fans in Mexico City danced to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, in celebration of the late singer’s 51st birthday and to break a Guinness world record.

7. The biggest cup of cappuccino
Reuters Photographer / Reuters
On March 25, 2004, team of six people in Moscow, Russia, tried on Thursday to set a new record for preparing the biggest cup of cappuccino. The coffee cup weighed 50kg and is 45cm high with a 71,5 cm diameter.

8. The longest fingernails
Shannon Stapleton / Reuters
Chris “The Duchess” Walton shows off her Guinness world record holding fingernails outside the New York Public Library in New York on September 14, 2011. Her nails measure 10 feet 2 inches on her left hand and 9 feet 7 inches on her right hand that she has been growing for 18 years.

9. The longest kiss
Chaiwat Subprasom / Reuters
Participant Nont Wittayanuch kisses Tanasook Ariyadech during an attempt to break the world record for the longest kiss in Pattaya, Thailand. On February 12, 2013, Thai couples locked lips to break the Guinness Record of the world longest continuous kiss, breaking the previous record of 50 hours 25 minutes and 1 second.

10. Wedding dress with the longest train
Radu Sigheti / Reuters
On March 20, 2012, Emma, a 17 year-old model, wore a wedding dress with the longest train in the world during a Guinness World Record attempt in Bucharest, Romania. The 2,750 meter long train broke a previous record of 2,488 meters. It is made of 4,700 meters of material using 1,857 needles, taking 100 days to make.

11. The largest pillow fight
Jim Young / Reuters
On October 27, 2013, participants take part in an attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for the largest pillow fight.

12. The longest parade float
Stringer China / Reuters
On February 6, 2012, villagers in Fujian, China marched a dragon made of paper and bamboo and connected by wood planks to set the new Guinness World Record for the longest parade float ever.

13. The largest free fall formation
Stringer Thailand / Reuters
On February 6, 2004, Skydivers of World Team ‘04 are seen united in a formation 10,000 feet above Takli Airbase, Thailand. The team was reported to have entered the Guinness record books by building the world’s largest free fall formation of 357 skydivers linked for six seconds.

These are mine (& the internet's):

The world's largest insect
In a small village in Africa, housewife Martha Mgubebe was kidnapped by a large insect & was taken to his home to be an au pair for his 276 children.

The world's fastest milkshake
On a hot July 4, 2014 & Farmer Brown's three most ingenious animals decided to make instant milkshakes for the farmer's family to cool off.  Unfortunately, the cow was never the same.

Most questions ever asked by a child
Although there have been many challengers, this record still stands.

This was only an attempt.
Sadly, no one was able to remain conscious long enough to verify this while staying in the vicinity.

Longest trip by a senior citizen while leaving the turn signal on

On a cross country trip to visit his grandchildren, Mr. Harold Schmidt left his turn signal on from Dayton, Ohio to San Francisco, California.

The best advice given by a police officer
On June 20, 2015, Officer Joe Gonzales advises a senior citizen that it is the law that drivers over the age of 65 must wear an English newsboy's hat so as to be readily recognizable as such.

Most weight lost in 6 months
In preparation for a movie role, actor Biff McClure went from 197 pounds to 13 pounds from January to July, 2014.

World's dirtiest man

Fritz Hassenfeffer of Luxembourg has vowed not to bathe until his country wins the World Cup. Mold has taken over his body.

Farmer develops first chicken to lay square eggs
It is called the "Ooh Aahh" chicken because while it is attempting to lay an egg it screams "Ooh!!" & when it finally lays it, it goes "Aahh!!".

The world's smallest elephant
African breeders have developed a pet "Teacup" elephant that is only 4 inches tall & weighs 1 & 1/2 pounds.

The world;'s largest teacup
Spode China made a teacup that is 23' in diameter & holds approximately 4,000 gallons of tea (or one elephant). 


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