Wednesday, March 16, 2016


This is a picture of Lucy in the early 1930's:

I doubt if any of you ever saw the Lucille Ball & fishducky movie "Carnival" ("Carnival Nights" in the UK) starring Lee Tracy, Spencer's brother.  Here's a little information about it:

Film Date: 1935
Film Type: comedy
Film Color: B&W
Studio: Columbia
Film Length: 77 min.

Cast: Lee Tracy as Chick Thompson
          Sally Eilers as Daisy
          Jimmy Durante as Fingers

A carnival puppeteer must cope with the death of his wife who expired while birthing his daughter. His father-in-law decides to sue him for custody of the little girl because he believes carnival life with a single father will be harmful to her. The puppeteer takes the baby and runs. Before he goes he bids adieu to his female assistant. Two years pass, and he finally comes back to the show. His faithful assistant welcomes him and introduces her newest friend. Unfortunately the grandfather is still trying to get custody. To keep his daughter, the puppeteer must marry. He does not think to ask the assistant, and she, who of course loves him, runs off. The puppeteer and his new friend decide to enter the girl in a baby contest. They are accused of trying to fix the results and are arrested. His assistant returns and he wakes up to the fact that the perfect mom has been there by his side all along. He asks that she take care of the daughter until he serves his six month sentence.

This was one of her first films.  She had an uncredited role as nurse holding an (also uncredited) newborn baby-- me!!

As you can see, our relationship goes back a long way, although that was the end of it on her part.  I, however, continued to be a big fan of hers, especially during her "I Love Lucy" series. Here are some of my favorite clips from that show:

The Chocolate Factory


The Mirror


This contains 3 clips.
Lucy's Nose Catches on Fire,
Lucy is Pregnant
Stomping on Grapes

I couldn't find any other Lucy cartoons,
so here are some about other comics:

Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do----Desi Arnaz (& fishducky)