Tuesday, May 24, 2016


I'm sure you already knew it, but today, May 24, is National Escargot Day!!  Below you'll find some facts, jokes & cartoons that should make you the life of the party tonight.

Escargot facts:

Escargot is an edible snail, especially one prepared as an appetizer or entree.

It is believed that snails for eating were brought to the United States (California) in the 1850’s.

The French consume 40,000 metric tons of snails each year.

Heliculture is the science of growing snails for food.

Snails have been eaten as food since at least ancient Roman times. Apicius, the author of the oldest surviving cookbook (1st century B.C-2 century A.D.) has a recipe for snails in his cookbook

Snails are almost blind, and they don’t have any aural systems meaning that they can’t hear anything.

American restaurants serve about 1 billion snails annually.

Like most mollusks, escargot is high in protein and low in fat content (if cooked without butter). It is estimated that escargot is 15% protein, 2.4% fat and about 80% water.

Even the lazy sloth and the lumbering tortoise have nothing on the snail’s complete lack of speed. Some snails clock in at 0.0004 miles an hour.


A snail walks into a bank to make a deposit. Then a turtle comes in and robs the bank.
Afterward, the police are interviewing the snail and asks him to recount what had happened. The snail says, "I don't know, it all happened so fast!" 

 What is the definition of a slug?
A snail with a housing problem.

Why did the snail cross the road?
I don't know - but I'll let you know when it gets here.

 A snail goes to a used car lot to buy a car. The sales person asks, "What are you looking for in a car?"
The snail says, "I want a really fast car with big side doors so I can write a huge "S" on each door."
The salesman says, "That's a weird request, why?"  The snail says, "Because when I drive through town I want people to say, "Look at that S-Car-Go!"

A snail, a slug and a centipede were spending a day together at the snail's house. It was decided that one of them should go out and get some drinks. 

The snail said, "I can't go, it will take me all night." The slug said, "I could go, but if it rains, I haven't got anything to protect me." 

With this, they both look at the centipede. 

The centipede said, "Okay, okay, I'll go," and he walked out the door. 

An hour passed and the centipede wasn't back yet. Another hour and still no sign of him. When another hour passed, the snail and the slug began to worry about the centipede and decided to go look for him. 

When they opened the front door, they saw the centipede. They asked, "What are you doing?" 

The centipede said, "I'm still putting my shoes on."

A young couple was entertaining some French guests and decided to serve snails. The husband went out to get hold of some suitable snails while his wife remained at home preparing for that evening.

It was a nice day, and after he'd got the snails, the husband decided to pop into his local pub for a drink (or two or three. )  Realizing how much time had passed in the pub, he grabbed his coat and snails and ran home knowing that his wife would be wondering where he'd got to. As he charged through the garden gate he tripped and dropped the snails all over the path. 

His wife heard the commotion and went to see what was going on. On seeing her husband she asked "Where have you been?"   He looked back at the snails and gestured towards the front door: "Come on lads, nearly there!"


And extra cartoons on this big day: