Thursday, May 26, 2016


As I've previously mentioned, here in the L.A. area female weather reporters on the local stations are getting sexier.  They are certainly dressing sexier.  My husband & I now refer to them as the “Weather Sluts”.   BuzzFeed offers you these other reasons you should watch the local news more often:

1. They make the best puns.

2. They have the most accurate meteorologists.

3. You never know what specialists they’ll interview.

4. They give important traffic updates.

5. They let you know what’s going on with the members of the community.

6. They ask the important questions.

7. They let you know when you should avoid shit.

8. They don’t use spellcheck.

9. They give you the important breaking news.

10. They’re really out there in the field.

11. They have the most in-depth investigative reporting.
12. They find people with relatable career paths.

13. They show you the REAL Tinder.

14. They bring us people like Jimmy.

15. And inform us of important 911 calls.

16. They keep our minds sharp with trivia.

17. They get the exclusives.

18. They’re interactive.

19. They weave beautiful stories.

20. And they keep the neighborhood safe.

21. They keep you informed.

22. They’re inappropriate.

23. And kinky.

24. They let you know what’s going on in the world.

25. They tell you where to find great deals.

26. They’re always prepared.

27. And they have Barry freakin’ Burbank.
(All pictures except #11 courtesy i.imgur.com / Via reddit.com)
A funny routine from 1971:

What state do you live in?  Mine is usually denial----fishducky