Thursday, June 23, 2016


Many years ago, Bud & I were in the Virgin Islands with a couple of young ladies from his office--our friends.  One of them, Yolanda, had worn the same pair of gold earrings since her mother had given them to her as a child.  She didn't own any others.  Since jewelry prices were relatively low in St. Thomas & there was no duty charged, she decided to buy a pair of diamond studs while we were there & to give the gold earrings to her niece.  We ladies went shopping.  We came over to check on Yolanda, who was trying on earrings.  She is petite & had on a pair of relatively large diamond studs.  She asked us if we thought the diamonds were too large.  I loved the saleswoman's comment: "Honey, there's no such thing as diamonds that are too large!!"

Some quotes are deep & thoughtful, some are clever, some are true & some are personal. Most of these, collected by BuzzFeed, are all of those & out & out funny:

1. On success:

2. On patriotism:

3. On exercise:

4. On afternoons:

5. On journalists:

6. On making plans:

7. On writers:

8. On judgment:

9. On self-knowledge:

10. On Cincinnati:

11. On becoming a writer:

12. On fashion:

13. On sweaters:

14. On style:

15. On genius:

16. On Shakespeare:

17. On digestion:

18. On writing:

19. On romance:

20. On perspective:

21. On drinking:

22. On government:

23. On law:

24. On inner peace:

25. On death:

Humans aren't the only ones who talk:

Talking to yourself is fine.  Asking yourself a question & then saying "What?" is another story----fishducky