Thursday, July 7, 2016


This is a schematic diagram of my brain at work.
No, "my brain at work" is not an oxymoron!!

Anyhow, I was cleaning it out the other day & found these, stuffed in an old virtual duffel bag, covered with virtual cobwebs.  I figured I'd better tell them to you before I misplaced them yet again.

In the early days of Bud's law practice (Why do they call what doctors & lawyers do practice?  I would rather go to someone who has already figured out what it is they're doing!!) he wrote a lot of prospectuses for new companies & did other stuff that the SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission) had to approve.  The papers often had to get to their offices in Sacramento in a hurry.  This was before the days of the fax machines.  His father, Phil, was retired & had a lot of time on his hands so it wasn't unusual for him to hop on a plane & deliver them for Bud.  Phil had a hearing problem so he probably didn't hear clearly when they announced that the plane he was boarding was going to Seattle.  He did hear it when they were already in the air & the flight attendant announced it!!  He called her over & explained his mistake.  She told him not to worry; they would get him on a flight to Sacramento as soon as they landed.  At this point, the story is unclear.  I'm not sure whether it would have been too late to get to the SEC before the offices closed or if for some reason they were unable to land in Sacramento, but the plane flew directly back to Los Angeles.  I am sure of this, though: midway through the flight, the pilot got on the horn & announced, with a chuckle in his throat, "If Mr. Fischer is on board, we are now passing over Sacramento!!"

My brother & I loved to go to Saturday matinee movies when I were little.  I especially loved monster movies.  There was one problem with this--for me, anyway.  My brother had me convinced that somehow the monsters, whom I believed were real, would come off the screen after the movie & attack people in the audience.  You can bet I never stayed in my seat for the credits!!  I hightailed it out of the theater & would wait in front for him.  He'd come sauntering out later & we'd go home.

I made many mirrors, a little smaller than this one, which I personalized for my family & friends. This one is in our entry hall:

My friends, Barbara & Bob, sold their house in Port Hueneme & bought a home in Sedona, planning to live there forever.  Bob, however, got severe headaches from the altitude there & they decided to come back to the beach.  There were no houses for sale then so they rented the house next door to their original one.  They eventually bought that one. Before they bought it, I made them this mirror.

The lower right corner has a shopping cart. 
Above it it says "Establish a permanent, stable home"
On the cart itself it says, "Residence of Dr. & Mrs. Robert Burnett"

A friend in Palm Desert (near Palm Springs) is very into elephants.  She probably has as many or more elephant things than I have duck stuff--& that’s a lot!  One day we were visiting & she showed me an “elephant pie” she just got.  It was a ceramic “pie” in a real pie tin, with tiny elephants inside.  They were standing & sitting, with their trunks wrapped around each other, going every which-way.  It was adorable!  She gave me the name & phone number of the artist, whom I believe lived on the East Coast.  I ordered 4 pies.  A baby duck pie for me (below), a cow pie for our daughter (not the kind you find in a meadow), a fish pie for our oldest son & black & white kitties for our youngest.  We gave them to the kids at Christmas.  They loved them!!

My friend & I had our first children about the same time.  Alison is 10 days older.  Our daughter was born at 4:10am.  My husband stopped at their house on his way home from the hospital.  He knew they’d be awake.

Alison used to hum while eating in her high chair.  If the food was so-so, like oatmeal, it was a soft, gentle hum.  Fruit, which she loved, was cause for a symphony, with trumpets & cymbals going full blast!

We used to trade off babysitting each other’s kids once a week.  They were both being toilet trained.  I had set Alison down on the toilet & left the room to get something when I heard her scream.  I rushed back in & saw her head, arms & lower legs sticking out of the toilet.  Her torso—including her little butt—had disappeared!  I asked her what in the world had happened & she yelled, “I FELL IN!!”
Not this far...

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