Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Thanks to the combined forces of BuzzFeed, Imgur & Tumblr, we now have indisputable proof of what some of us have long suspected; that cats are alien beings!!  Below are some pictures that should prove it:

There were some mistakes made in the early design of catstronauts
which have now been cleared up:

But today's cats are clearly up to something;
they are holding secret meetings:

They’re obviously preparing:

Sometimes we catch them in the middle of their scheming:

Or watching and observing us:

And plotting against us:

They keep a journal of their time on Earth:

A bowl of milk seems to have a less than calming effect on some of them:

They tried to print counterfeit money but mistakes were made:

So they were forced to take menial jobs:

They have learned to use our machines:

Some can actually interact with computers:

Some will go through training & take jobs to try to blend in:

They will attempt to play human's sports:

Apparently some have learned to act just like us:

Be careful--they will try to steal your food:

There are new arrivals every day via spaceships:

Some are still being held at Area 51 in Roswell, New Mexico:

This is clearly the behavior of space blob, not a mammal:

They’ve come to this planet to learn and master human behavior:

However they still reproduce like amoebas, by dividing:

They’ve even mastered all our arts:

Except for the ability to read:

They are susceptible to some human diseases & will
sometimes catch a cold & need a tissue:

They have discovered the value of money & will guard theirs to the death:

There is no water on their home planet & they are deathly afraid of it:

They sometimes find it necessary to keep each other hidden:

They are afraid they will be found out & do not handle interviews very well:

But it’s no wonder, really, that they have such control over us:

They obviously miss their home planet:

And enjoy closeness with beings of their own kind:

Some of them have seen far too much, here on Earth:

This cat is clearly sending out a call to its home planet via space rock:

Mission Control is working frantically to get them back:

They have even called in an outside consultant:

This one is still waiting for the mothership to arrive:

Whereas this one has opted to build its own spaceship:

They can be neatly stored while they're waiting:

This cat is getting himself ready for shipping:

This is how they travel in steerage aboard the mothership:

In coach:

In business class:

While officers go first class:

And this one is well on its way home:

While they're still stuck on Earth, they want a little affection.

Beam me up, kitty----fishducky