Thursday, July 21, 2016


She probably shouldn't have worn this dress to the awards while it was molting:

This is a duck billed platypus.
I've always thought they were one of God's experiments gone wrong.
Their babies are not called cubs, pups or kittens; they are merely baby platypus.
The plural is not platypi or platypuses; it is platypodes.

BuzzFeed found these others for me:

This is a pangolin; not an artichoke:

A fossa; sort of a cat/bear hybrid:

Lilac-Breasted Roller, which looks like it lives in children's coloring books:

An ocean dweller, the glaucus atlanticus:

The jerboa, which looks like a gerbil on tiny stilts:

This is a dumbo octopus--I kid you not:

A goblin shark; which I think is well-named:

A hummingbird hawk-moth:

A desert rain frog.  No, it doesn't have a skin condition:

The mantis shrimp, or a prop from The Little Mermaid?:

The okapi; part deer, part zebra:

The gerenuk; a giraffalope:

The pink fairy armadillo or a press-on nail?:

 The chevrotain, who looks like he borrowed someone else's head & legs,
or else ate too much:

And finally the shoebill, or something out of a Disney film:

These dogs aren't weird; they just forgot how to sofa:


I’m suffering from a severe non-linear waterfowl issue; I don't have all my ducks in a row----fishducky