Monday, August 29, 2016


Today is National More HerbsLess Salt Day; but I'm sure you knew that!!

I can’t find a video, but in the 70’s there was a funny air freshener commercial (Glade or Airwick) that went like this: a woman was married to a man named Herb, and she used herbal air fresheners, so the commercial was her constantly correcting her husband on the fact that the hard "H" in "Herb" was not used in "herbal". The commercial ends with her yelling at him that "It's not "HHerbal", it's "'erbal", "'Erb"." He smirks and corrects her: "Herb."

Herb is standard American English; in a 1993 pronunciation survey, 90% of Americans said herb without the 'h'. (The proper name, Herb, keeps it pronounced.)

Herb is a fine example of a type of linguistic conservatism found in American English. Until the sixteenth century the word was usually spelled "erb"-- it was a French word, who didn't say the "h" either. Right up until to the nineteenth century, long after the 'h' had been added due to further icky French influence, that was also the way it was said. "erb."

Seventeenth and eighteenth century colonists toward the Americas took their pronunciation with them. During the nineteenth century, the British people started to sound the first letter, in a "spelling pronunciation." So, the Americans are saying it the old fashioned way, and the Brits are playing around with their new-fangled words.

So, Eddie Izzard wasn't off saying that "We say herb like that because there's a fuckin' 'H' in it."

Now you know.

You probably wondered when this post was cumin.  It may not be savory, but I was feeling a little ginger.  Chive been waiting a long thyme to write it.  Anyhow, I do like it when my posts are peppered with this kind of humor, so please forgive me unless you’ve had just about had enough of my sassafras.  I just saw an old movie; Rosemary's baby.  It was so scary I cayenne believe it!!  I'd better quit; Bud says it's silly & that if I keep up he’s telling cardamom!! That's probably sage advice. What I mint was I parsley agree with him.  It's no big dill.  I have to leave soon, anyway; I have an appointment with my gynecologist to get a paprika smear.  You know who would like this?  My anise & my nephew.  That's my fennel word on the subject.


Keep calm & curry on----fishducky