Wednesday, October 5, 2016


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Did you know that your sense of taste & your sense of smell are very closely connected?  That, actually, if you lose your sense of smell nothing will have any flavor?  My grandmother had this condition later in life; it's called anosmia. 

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There is a common misconception that our ears & noses continue to grow all our lives.  In reality, this isn't true.  This "growth" is due to cartilage continuing to grow as you age. The real reason our noses and ears keep getting larger is the result of that evil stepchild of fundamental forces, gravity.

Science can measure the brain's olfactory lobe and count the smell receptor cells in there, but it still can't qualify a smell in the lab -- only the nose knows whether a scent attracts or repels, and reveals this perception by words or behavior. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to identify an absolute best smeller.

According to the number of scent receptors, the bear has the best sense of smell of all terrestrial mammals. Black bears have been observed to travel 18 miles in a straight line to a food source, while grizzlies can find an elk carcass when it's underwater and polar bears can smell a seal through 3 feet of ice. It's not all about food, though-- male polar bears have been known to trek a hundred miles following the scent of a sexually receptive sow.

The champion smeller of the insect world is the male silkmoth. He can scent his ladylove as far away as 6 miles or more, and he can detect as few as one or two of her pheromone scent particles at that distance. His ardor shows itself in his walk, which becomes a stagger, as if he were drunk on love. His powerful sense of smell has inspired scientists to begin developing an artificial brain based on it that may someday become the mover of scent-detecting robots to use against drug smuggling and chemical weapons.

A classic nose story (This is the full 113 minute movie.):

If you're not overly sensitive to foul odors, this might be a good job for you:

 Or this:

Or you could even work for a deodorant company:

We are born with "button" noses so we can nurse:

This is America's idea of a perfect adult nose:

But some people's noses don't turn out exactly like that.

A woman walks into a beauty parlor & tells the hairdresser she wants
to look like Barbra Streisand, so the beautician broke her nose:

Some are changed surgically, like Michael Jackson's:

And some grow a little too large, like Jimmy Durante's: