Wednesday, November 2, 2016


These pictures (from BuzzFeed, giphy & assorted stops along the internet highway) are so cute they might actually kill you.  Fasten your seatbelts & let's go:
Let's start with a human, then we'll go on to other species.
This romp of otters chasing a butterfly might be the cutest thing you ever see.

How about just one otter floating on its mama?

A massage always feels great:

And so does a belly rub:

Call the paramedics, because here are tiny little kittens having tiny little dreams.

The lack of hesitation on the second puppy jump is so cute it should carry a warning.

These little doggies are all confused, but happy.  Oh, it's too much!!

This doggy is joining in with all the fun; don’t look for too long, the joy can blind you.

Just look at how much this bird loves bath time. 
Except don’t look because you might die from cute.

This is a strange flying mammal pretending to fly and it’s strangely the cutest thing ever, 
so watch out.

This panda does not want to give up his ball:

Baby pandas don't need playgrounds; they've got their mamas.

Look at this elephant having the time of his life, and then cleanse your eyes by 
looking at this not cute picture of a kitchen appliance.

Congratulations on surviving, here is a pregnant guinea pig.

How do you suppose you'd get this cute thing to stop crying?

Have you ever thought you looked so cute you couldn't believe it?  Me, neither----fishducky