Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Even though we try to keep abreast of what's happening in the world, we may miss some important happenings.  Let me attempt to bring you up to date.

Onlookers in an Irish town found themselves rubbing their eyes after witnessing a police car chasing down a flying saucer through the streets.
The strange vehicle was also spotted zooming through a children's playground in Gorey, County Wexford. After a low-speed pursuit, witnesses saw police pull the craft over, to discover a very worldly explanation. The flying saucer was, in fact, the work of local artist Ali Kemal Ali, who created the unique piece for a youth and arts festival.
Conservationists in Tanzania are using an unorthodox way of keeping elephants from wandering into human settlements - by throwing condoms filled with chili powder at them.
Chili powder mixed with soil is packed with a firecracker into a condom; its end is twisted shut with just the fuse exposed. When lit, the condom bursts open with a bang, spraying a fine dust of chili powder into the air. One whiff is usually enough to send an elephant the other way.

North Koreans have been ordered to collect poo to help the country's agricultural sector.
Survivors of the dictatorship's brutal regime say leader Kim Jong Un and other authorities are demanding human feces to help farms in the country to continue delivering crops. It had previously relied on neighbor South Korea for fertilizer, but it imposed an embargo in 2010 after the North sank one of its ships.

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