Wednesday, December 14, 2016


I went to my podiatrist's office & he was wearing this Hermes tie.

Far be it for me to question or criticize God, but I think He should have put off creating some animals until the next day.  He was obviously tired after creating so many creatures & was obviously confused when He made the pangolin.  Or maybe He had just eaten an artichoke:

He was apparently trying to use up some extra zebra parts for the okapi:

And don't even get me started on the duck billed platypus:

But why a giraffe?
He must have had a lot of material left over because he made them so tall.  They reach an average height of 15' to 19', making them the tallest animal on land.  Males are generally a foot or so taller than females, but the tallest giraffe ever measured was 22' tall, & that was a female.  Can you imagine her in high heels?

And their tongues; they're 20" long.  They curl them around leaves to pull them off of the trees.  We were on a truck "safari" at the San Diego Zoo & Bud was feeding the giraffes.  One of them wrapped his tongue around Bud's hand to get some food & it look like his hand was bandaged.
When I think of a giraffe's pregnancy & birth, the word that comes to mind is "Ouch"!!  They are pregnant for 400 to 468 days.  The calf is 6' tall & weighs from 110 to 220 pounds.  (My kids were in the 7 pound range & that hurt enough.)  The mother gives birth standing up which means the baby starts out with a 6' drop to the ground!!

Because of their 6' long legs, giraffes are not graceful while drinking:

But swimming & diving is another story:

They are gentle giants with a fear of many things:

But they will join you for a cup of coffee:



Want to join me for a drink later?  As the giraffe said, "The highballs are on me"----fishducky