Tuesday, March 7, 2017


They must have these in some places (or else there would be no pictures)
but why don't they have them everywhere?

Movie theaters with bathroom stalls that know which movie you’re in 
so you don’t miss anything.

Traffic lights with a wait meter. I’d know how long I’ll be sitting there 
so I can answer that important text.

A collapsible helmet.  It's like a Transformers device!!
USB plugs in the power outlets. No more need for clunky adapters!! 

A nightlight on power outlets. I’ve tried many times to plug something in the dark… it’s kinda hard!!

An extension cord wall outlet. Every house should have one of theseespecially when vacuuming or ironing.

A rotatable bench to roll the dry side up. 

Rotatable power strips...

...that are also extendable. 

So simple and yet so ingenious; a coffee cup that catches drips. 

Lights that indicate open spaces in a packed parking garage.

They have these near my home.

There are also special lights for handicap parking.

Slides on tall stairs. The perfect low-tech way to reach the bottom fast.

How to get everyone to stop littering. Imagine all the little kids that would actively find trash to shoot in!!

A solar panel specifically for charging your iPhone. I really like this one. 

Paying for a train ticket with recyclable stuff like bottles.

Headphone zipper that is impossible to tangle. 

This packing tape you’re going to want for shipping Christmas packages… 

…because of how easy it is to open.

I don't think they have these yet, but they should:


And my favorite, a personal pizza carrier:

I learn from the mistakes of people who took my advice----fishducky