Wednesday, April 19, 2017


(Part of this is from older posts; part of it's new.)

When our boys were probably about 8 & 11 we decided to remodel their bathroom.  It had that ugly hexagonal black & pink tile on the floor & even uglier black & pink tile on the walls & in the shower.  How do you get rid of tile?  You break it out!!  We gave each of the boys a sledgehammer & told them to have fun (& get rid of their frustrations).  They did a good job & as I remember, they only broke through the wall into an adjoining room once!!

(Ed. note: This paragraph is not about my kids but it's about getting rid of frustration & I thought you'd enjoy it.)  My late brother-in-law was a veterinarian.  He obviously had to be polite to the owners of his patients even when they were stupid.  He had a beautiful garden at his home.  As he cut off the heads of weeds, he thought of the stupid people who were in his office recently.  He would say out loud, "That's for you, Mrs. Smith" & "You deserve this, Mr. Jones"!! 

Around 1975 we bought a condo on Maui.  A client of Bud’s gave us an old VW bus & had it shipped over.  My kids, a niece & I brush painted it Yellow Cab yellow & covered it with cartoon drawings.  (How often do kids get to paint pictures on a car with the owner’s permission?)  On the front it said, “Holo holo duck” (wandering around duck) & had my fishducky picture, wearing a lei, on it.  I was taking the kids from Kaanapali to Lahaina one day & stopped at a hotel to pick up a friend.  A lady approached & asked if this bus goes to Lahaina.  I told her it did.  She asked the cost & I told her it was a free shuttle.  I drove her to Lahaina.  She may still be there waiting for a ride back.  If you see her, tell her we went out of business. 

(That's me in the bus.)

 Some more views:

Some other stuff about my kids:

In the olden days, when parents felt safe in letting their very young children walk to school & back alone, my parents were babysitting our 7 or 8 year old daughter while we were on a trip.  They became quite worried when one day she was over a half hour late in getting home from school.  When she finally got home, they asked her why she was so late.  Our daughter told them she had taken a “long” cut.

No subject was ever off limits at our dinner table.  Once Nameless asked what a homosexual was.  We weren’t sure how to explain this to an 8 year old.  We told her that while most men love women, there were some men who loved other men.  We said this was the way God made them & it was fine.  We asked her if she understood & she said, “Yeah—you mean like a lesbian, only a man!!"
When our boys were very small they shared a room.  Their twin beds were against the walls in the shape of an “L”.  The head of Matt’s bed was next to the bedroom door.  He liked to swing the door back & forth.  Sometimes (apparently more often than I realized) it would hit the wall.  One day he called us into his room to show us his “accomplishment”.  He pointed out where he had rammed the door into the wall so many times that there was now a hole in the wall.  He proudly said, “Look!  I made a space for the doorknob.” 

Matt must have been about 8 when he was dancing around & fake punching me.  He kept saying, "Bob!! Weave!! Bob!! Weave!!"  I leaned over, shook his hand & said, "Fran Fischer.  Glad to meet you."  He thought it was funny.
My husband may have shown me too much affection in front of the kids.  Blake was very young & he was standing next to me at the kitchen sink while I was making dinner.  He pointed to my leg & asked, "Is dat yours?"  I told him yes.  He then pointed to my arm & asked, "Is dat yours?"  Again, yes.  Next, he pointed to my breast & asked, "Is dat Daddy's?"

We got emergency calls twice from his elementary school.  Once he fell UP the stairs & the other time he tried to hit another kid in the stomach, missed & hit him in the belt buckle.  He broke his knuckle!!