Friday, June 30, 2017


Here is the heartfelt tail tale of H. H. (for Hee Haw) HorseHee Haw was once the mane main horse of a whole herd of horses but hardly was he ever happy.  Honestly, he was considered a hunk & could have any mare (the hussies) he wanted, although in his heart he loved Helena Horse, a distant cousin & a fine piece of horseflesh. He also had a place of high honor with the stallions.  

However, he heard this little voice inside him saying, “Get off your high horse & make horses laugh.  The world needs more humor & horse laughs!!”  He had a hankering to do just that. So he hastily put on his best halter & harness & hiked up the hill to open mic night at the comedy club, a local hangout.  He was very hesitant & was nibbling at his hoof (a horrid habit he had) when he heard the M. C. get on the horn & announce in a hearty voice, “Put your hooves together for H. H. Horse!!”  He thought he would heave if he was heckled but he was a huge hit; absolutely hilarious!!  The audience was hoarse from laughing & there wasn’t a hiss or boo from the herd.  It felt heavenlyHe had a hidden talent; hilarity!!  

The head office wanted to hire him for a huge hitch at their mane main club in Harrisburg.  He took the gig, but after some months, he got horribly homesick.  The hubbub of Harrisburg hounded him.  He wanted to be back home on the prairie.  He decided he was just a humble horse at heart & that showbiz was not for him.  He went back to his hotel & checked out.  

At home, he had a hunch that Helena would be waiting for him.  He found her & got down on his haunches & proposed.  He loved his life as a husband & when he had time he told jokes to his happy herd.

I can't do a horse post without including this:

The pen is mightier than the sword, and considerably easier to write with----fishducky