Thursday, July 6, 2017


I just realized that Tuesday was my 1000th post.  Yay for me!!

...the people in these tweets I found on dumpaday.com?

(Ed. note:  I once apologized to my dining room table after bumping into it.)
At least these first three were polite.

(Ed. note: When I was very young my brother convinced me that the monsters in a 
horror movie were alive & chased everyone out of the theater after the film.  
I would watch the movie & when the credits came on 

I would run outside & wait for him.)

Take a good look at the cartoon above.  It shows my son-in-law one day a few years ago when he was pleading with his daughters to tell him where they had hidden his glasses.  He told them he couldn't find them & he had looked everywhere!  When they were finally able to stop laughing, they told them they were in his hand.

A while ago my daughter & son-in-law went to a restaurant for dinner.  They were about to get into their car when he told her that he had to go back into the restaurant because he had forgotten his glasses.  She found that odd & told him that he was wearing them.

I've run this one before but it's a classic!!