Monday, July 10, 2017


(This is the first of a series of my earliest & most popular posts.  This was originally published June, 2012.  As always, all the cartoons are new.)


I was recently in the office of a doctor I hadn’t seen before.  His office was small & had several paintings hanging in the waiting room.  They were all signed by the same person & judging by their poor quality, it was my guess they were done by his wife.  Having them there would be a positive thing for his marriage, but not so much for his patients.  Anyway, they made me think of this story:

A man comes to a woman’s house a little early to pick her up for their blind date.  She lets him in & asks him to wait in the living room while she finishes getting ready.  He notices several paintings (by an obviously untalented artist) & is intently studying them when she walks in.  She sees him looking at the “art” & says, “Do you like them?  I painted all of them myself.”  He blurts out, “Oh, thank heaven!  I was afraid you’d bought them!”  I have no idea how their date went.

The doctor’s wife & the blind date lady probably don’t identify with him:

     Two of the newest forms of art are the bumper sticker & the tee shirt..  
Some of them are gross and/or insulting, but a lot of them are really funny.   
If you’re not a fan of bumper stickers, this is for you:

Here are some examples of what I mean.  
These are from the web, but I’ve seen several on shirts, cars & motorcycles 
that made me laugh.  
My favorite, which I couldn’t find a picture of, was on the back of a 
motorcyclist’s tee shirt.  
It said, “If you can read this, my old lady fell off!"


I’ve saved my favorite for last.  
In case you can’t read it, the sign on this Amish buggy says:
   Energy efficient vehicle
   Runs on oats and grass
 Caution: Do not step in exhaust

I’ve also made quite a few signs of my own, mostly on styrofoam leftover containers from restaurants.  This was so I would be able to eat my own food the next day.  When the kids were still at home I would write various things on the box so they would leave it alone.  Some examples: “Keep out”, “Don’t touch” or “This is Mom’s”.  These did no good.  I graduated to “Poison” (with the appropriate skull & crossbones), “Danger—Live Snakes” & even “Caution—Radioactive Materials”!  None of these worked either.  Now that all the kids are married & gone, I just put an “X” on the box to remind my husband not to eat it.  About nine eight seven times out of ten, he’ll leave it for me.

I wonder what’s (left) in the refrigerator----fishducky