Tuesday, October 17, 2017


By now I’m sure some of you have already seen Duckmato, right?

Simply put, it’s a tomato that looks like a duck. Definitely pretty cool!! I love vegetables that grow in strange forms. Hey, I never said I was normal!!
So, today, I figured we’d have a little fun with vegetables. Don’t worry--I’m not going to make everyone eat salad. But, I am going to show you a couple members of Duckmato’s family, the Duckgetables. Excited? I know I am!!

First up, we have Ducktato…
Not surprisingly, the ducktato is a potato that looks like a duck. He also happens to be very close with his cousin, Duccini…

Now, the duccini is a pretty ornery sort. He really doesn’t get along with much of anyone. In fact, there’s a terrible feud between him and Chickmato going on right now…

Chickmato is sort of the black sheep of the Duckgetables family. His mother had an affair & well… I’m sure you can see how that ended up. The two ended up working things out in the end, but Chickmato is still shunned by pretty much the entire family. Well, except for Peaduck…

Peaduck is so sweet and innocent . She just loves everyone, because she’s a bit of an odd duck herself. Everyone thinks that she’s just a nut, but she really is part vegetable and part nut, making her a true Duckgetable!

Proof that nature loves ducks:

Vegetables don't always grow in the form of a duck.  
They have more imagination than that:

Maybe this little happy face potato was so cute that he was spared. Maybe the fry cook had a heart and decided not to chop him up and fry him into delicious greasy sticks of crunchy potato goodness. You think…? Yeah, me neither. It’s just nice to imagine a story with a happy ending from time to time.

Potatoes are very versatile.  This one just wants to remind you to hug your teddy.

And this one thinks it's a sheep.

It's nice to see a mother & her child so close.

Some carrots like to soak in a hot tub...

while others like to go dancing.

This is one seductive turnip!!

This one thinks it's a foot.

Did you know that dragons grow inside pumpkins?

This lemon is content to be a banana.

Kiwi calling Batman!!

This is a pepper & if you don't believe it he'll punch you.

That's all I have for today, but apparently this broccoli has something to say to you.


Does this fit in here?