Friday, October 27, 2017


I've done a lot of stuff in my life (to see what, click here) but since I've become old & decrepit, not so much.  (I don't even remember ever being crepit!!)  Generally on Saturdays Bud & I go out to dinner with Blake & Nameless & her family.  We go to nice restaurants & that's always fun.  Other than that, I usually have a doctor's or dentist's appointment once a month.  My life has become boring.

I used to go to the movies every Tuesday night with four or five of my friends, but traffic got so bad we stopped going.  I did go a few weeks ago for the first time in months.  I saw "Logan Lucky".  It was just OK, but it was great to go to the movies again.  To see the trailer, click here.

I need some excitement in my life, but I can't figure out what to do.  

Maybe I could get some friends together & we could rob a bank, like these guys.  (Click here) They even thought it was a good enough idea to film a remake. (Click here)  That may not be such a good idea.  I might end up the oldest person on the FBI's "Ten Most Wanted List", surpassing William Bradford Bishop, Jr., who is on the list at age 77.

Or I could be like Yuichiro Miura & give climbing Mount Everest a try when I'm 90 (click here), but I'm not sure they let you do it with a walker.

I could be a gymnast like Johanna Quaas.  
There's one small problem, though; I've never tried gymnastics.
This is her at age 92:

Pat Gallant-Charette swam the English Channel earlier this year.
She was 66; just a kid. 
I can already do several laps in a pool.
I'd just need a little more practice:

I could write romance novels like Ida Pollock:
Writer Ida Pollock was hailed the world's oldest romantic novelist as it was revealed she was still producing steamy books at the age of 105.  Ida had written 123 novels during her prolific career; many of them tales of virgins, chaste kisses and dashing male heroes.  
She passed away in 2013. 
I don't want to do it if it means I have to grow a mustache & beard.

It could be worse.
I could be this tree:
A Great Basin bristlecone pine (Pinus longaeva) is measured by ring count to be 5067 years old. This is the oldest known tree in North America, and the oldest known living individual nonclonal tree in the world.