Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Karma is a principle, which basically entails that your actions have an influence onto the future. Consequently, good actions will bring good Karma and bad actions will bring bad Karma. It is in accordance with Newton’s Third Law, which states that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” 

This pictures will elaborate more on bad karma and how a bad action can cause an instant backlash. Take a look and be sure to avoid bad karma yourself in future (or you might end up in a picture series about bad karma yourself). Furthermore, in this instance one could even speak of Instant Karma” since what goes around comes around.

This prankster who was hoisted on her own petard.

This parking enforcement officer who got a taste of his own medicine.

This guy who didn’t think anyone would notice if he just shot up the shoulder.

This trooper who fought the law. (The law won.)

And Scott Kelly. He knows what he did.

This victim of admittedly unexpected physics.

This dunker who wound up drenched.

This cat whose owner finally turned the tables on him.

This future poet laureate.

This guy who thought he had finally found an opponent he could take.

This guy who thought he was the first to discover an awesome shortcut.

The guy who thought it was OK to leave his dog alone in the car for a while.
(All above from seenox.org.)

Karma can be a bitch but it can also be a friend. Whatever you sow today, you will reap the same thing tomorrow. Therefore, you ought to watch how you behave with others. Here are some real life instances from indiatimes.com which may reinstate your faith in karma.

One must never mess with the wild. It was too late for game hunter Ian Hunter to realize this lesson as karma played a tough one on him. The celebrated Texas hunter went to measure the ivory tusk of an elephant. That obviously didn’t go well with the animal, and it knelt on him and crushed him to death.


Rapist Richard Thomas was in for a great shock when he learned, after he raped her, that his victim had HIV. Thomas knew the woman and was aware that she had another illness, but had no clue that it was HIV. He was shocked when he was told and was asked to be taken to a hospital. Now that’s an appropriate punishment for rape.

Good karma can change your life. Billy Ray Harris who used to beg at Kansas City street corner went on to living in a house of his own after he did a good deed of returning a lady's engagement ring. The couple who got their lost ring, then went on to make an online plea for him that resulted into a great response.

And my own personal memory of karma:

When her father died, my daughter-in-law Linda immediately flew out from Connecticut to California to be with her mother.  My son Matt & their 2 kids followed in a day or two.  The plane reservations were obviously last minute & they couldn’t get 3 seats together.  They were seated directly behind one another.  Matt asked the man sitting next to Brian, who was 8, to change seats with him.  He explained that Brian was very young & was taking this cross country flight to go his first funeral--his grandfather’s.  The man refused.  During the flight, Brian threw up on him.  When we heard, we all congratulated him on his excellent aim.

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