Wednesday, August 8, 2018


My friend Patricia was feeling like this
after her divorce from her alcoholic husband:

(Some of this is reworked from an old post; the cartoons are new.)

She felt a change of scene would do her & her only child (a teen aged girl) a world of good--but where to go?
She thought about living in Italy for a year or so--the Amalfi Coast, to be specific, even though neither one of them spoke a word of Italian.  She asked some of her friends if they thought she was crazy & we all thought it was a great idea, so off they went, with no idea of where they were going to stay. 

She got the house in the divorce settlement, sold it & flew to the Amalfi Coast. 

Patricia & her daughter are standing in the middle of the town, wondering where to look for an apartment, when a beautiful feather floats to the ground in front of an apartment building a few steps away.  She thinks it might be an omen, so she knocks on the front door.  The owner answered & she spoke English.  She said someone had just moved out & she hadn't even had time to put up a vacancy sign.  Patricia took one look at the apartment & decided it was perfect!!  

They stayed there for a year or so & also used it as a home base for touring Europe.  She & her daughter had the time & space to bond & the year was wonderful!!  (I guess feathers don't lie.)

The first time I saw the Almafi Coast 
was in this movie,which was a charmer!!
If you haven't seen it, PLEASE DO:

This is where it is & what it looks like.
What's not to love?

Learning to speak Italian is easy:

Q. If my Italian son-in-law hurt his arm, what would be his problem?
A. A speech impediment!!----fishducky



  1. I've seen the Amalfi Coast as a jigsaw. It's a very pretty place. I love the Sicilian Conversation every time I see it :)

  2. What a wonderful start to their lives without her abusive ex.

  3. Wow, the Amalfi Coast is beautiful but all I can see is all the climbing necessary. Loved the speech impediment. So true.

    1. That climbing would help you keep your girlish figure!!

  4. I'm excited to learn, from watching that little video, that I already speak Sicilian! Ha.
    Hugs to you, fishducky.

    1. You learn something new everyday with my blog!!

  5. What a beautiful place to mourn, bond, and start over.


  6. Heeheehee! Italy was many, many years ago, i hope your friend had as much fun as i did.

    1. I was there 30 years ago & I'll never forget it!


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