Tuesday, January 23, 2018


first i would like to thank everybody who commented and sent me good wishes after reading my last post.

on monday of last week (9/15) i fell.  it still hurts to use my right arm to hold down the shift key and another key at the same time so i'm not going to use capitals here.

let me relate my saga.  bud had taken me to a morning doctor's appointment.  that was just for a checkup.  everything was fine.  it was about 11.30 and i hadn't eaten  breakfast so i was attempting to get myself some brunch.  i lost my balance--i did not slip or pass out--and fell on my back on the floor.  i  could NOT get up, even with bud and our cleaning lady helping me.  i thought i had broken my right arm and/or my shoulder.  we called the paramedics and they put my arm in a sling.   they got me into a wheelchair, down the elevator and into bud's car.  he took me to cedars er.  we got there just before 2.30.  i was feeling a little punchy when they were checking me in so they checked my blood sugar.  it was 64--LOW.  they gave me some apple juice.  around 3.00 they got me into a bed and took some xrays.  6.00 came and went and they still hadn't told us whether the xrays showed any breaks.  around 9.00 they  brought me a sandwich.  i was in too much pain--i think they may have given me one pain pill--and i didn't like the sandwich so i didn't eat.  about that time they took me for new xrays.  around 10.00 they told us that my arm and shoulder were ok but i had fractured three ribs.  i still think i hurt  my shoulder but it may only be a bruised bone.   i was released at 10.30 pm after 8 hours in the er.  we went through the drive-thru at jack in the box on the way home and bought me some breakfast.

i am still in pain and cannot lie down comfortably, so i sleep sitting up on the couch.  after a lot of pain pills, i am just beginning to feel a little better but my poor husband is exhausted waiting on me.  my posts will be reruns for the next several days.  you know the soap, the young and the restless?  i may star in the new spin-off, the old and the decrepit!

take care of yourselves----fishducky