Monday, March 5, 2018



There are dogs who have changed our hearts, our lives, & our very world. 
Here are some of them:

The Marshmallow
Why?  Just because he's so damn cute!!

The Swinging Jowls of Glory
Why? Thomas and Frankie were the first two basset hounds to complete a half marathon without any training. This is incredibly difficult for any animal, beast, creature, etc., to do. 

The Cowboy
Why? You try doing that!!

The Goofball
WhyThis dog gave strength to all goofballs who wanted to mess up their family photo.
Without him, 100% of family photos would remain 100% boring.

Why? This is live documentation of this dog taking in the world’s worst images 
so you don’t have to. 

The Flower Child
Why? Because he’s so chill, man. Like, he’s always forcing you to think about nice, happy things.

The Makeup Artist
Why?  He does a good job (for a dog) but he's a little heavy handed with that eyebrow pencil.

Romeo & Juliet
Why?  Separated by a fence instead of family, still nothing can keep these lovers apart.

The Blob
Why?  No matter what he weighs, his human still loves him.

Mark Not-a-Spitz
Why?  No matter how windy it gets, he never misses his practice swim.

The Major League Catcher
Why?  He always catches the ball, though not always how you'd expect him to.

The Vaudevillian
Why? He still gets lots of laughs even when he does his routine in blueface.

The Traveller
Why?  He can go for a walk on a leash all by himself.

The Job Holder
Why?  He's an Uber dtiver.

Why?  The family that boozes together snoozes together sleeps together keeps together.

Smile if this made you happy!!
(All above photos BuzzFeed.)