Tuesday, March 13, 2018


(Reworked from a 2014 post.)

As adults, dogs are interested in everything, 
even when they just wake up:

Cats, not so much:

Dogs can use the facilities anywhere:
And will clean up after themselves in case of an accident:

Cats may have a small problem with toilets::

A dog will borrow the car:

Or he can catch a ride with a friend:

A cat is always satisfied with his skateboard:

Below is a map of a dog's brain:
The cat's brain is slightly more complex:

Dogs can amuse themselves without a human around:

But so can cats:

Cats always enjoy a good game with a friend:

Dogs are deathly afraid of vacuums:

While a cat is willing to stay & fight:

A dog can sometimes be a picky eater:

While you can count on a cat being finicky:

They can both be helpful to humans.
In a pinch, a cat can be used as a hat:

While a dog can be of help if you don't have time to shower:

They don't seem to handle guilt the same way, either:

Dogs love to go on car rides
 & let their hair (& jowls & ears) blow in the wind:

Cats feel differently about riding in cars.
Some enjoy the opportunity to interact with strangers:

While some are afraid:

They don't like to be petted the same way, either:

Dogs do have their worries & problems:

But so do cats:

I have to go find my umbrella; the weatherman said it's going to be raining cats & dogs----fishducky