Monday, July 16, 2018


This is me in a short yet typical wedding dress:

I have no idea why these brides are dressed like this:

While it remains unclear if this is some kind of a gender identity crisis or a rebellious act against social norms, this person decided she feels more like half a bride and half a groom. For that reason entirely she made herself a gown that is split right in the middle and integrated it with half of a suit. Flowers took two forms in this one of a kind outfit as well, with both a boutonniere pinned to the jacket and a bouquet held in her hand.

If the gown looks good enough to eat, that is because it probably is! Finding the perfect wedding dress and cake seems like a lot of hard work, where both time, effort and money are being spent uncontrollably to guarantee only the best is being used for your special day. This flame-haired bride thought of a creative way to avoid the additional stress – combine the two into one. The concept of an edible dress might sound too bizarre to some, but clearly not to this woman.

For the past seven years, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not has been sponsoring both amateur and professional designers to create bridal gowns made strictly out of toilet paper, giving “trash the dress” a whole other meaning. The competition takes place in New York City, where the winning wedding dress is chosen for an actual runway show. In addition, the winning designer is granted a $10,000 award. Second and third places are not left empty handed either, with $5,000 and $2,500 awarded, respectively.

These I have no comment on:

The longest train:

Mama June's wedding dress: