Wednesday, October 10, 2018


It's my blog & I can do what I want with it & I've
decided I'm Irish & today, Sept. 19th, is
the second St. Patrick's Day this year.
If you don't like it, you can do this!!

Sorry, I meant to post this in September.
A leprechaun must have changed it!!

The Irish do love their whiskey.  In 2015, there was 1 pub for every 1,695 people in Ireland. There were 6,984 pubs in the whole of Ireland. Compare that to Ireland in 1904 when there were approximately 13,000 pubs.  In some of the smaller towns the percentage of people to pubs seems a little strange to teetotalers, such as:

TownPopulationNumber of pubs
Doonbeg, Clare2728
Castlegregory, Kerry2437
Cong, Mayo1785
Knocktopher, Kilkenny1444

A story about the only two Irish born people I've ever met:

On one of our earliest (maybe the first) trips to Hawaii Bud hired a boat & its captain, Ted, to take him fishing.  He caught an ahi (tuna) & Ted said one of the small local hotels would prepare & serve it for us at no charge if they could keep the rest.  (It was yummy—you couldn’t have had any fresher!)  We invited Ted & his wife, Joanie, to join us for dinner, along with several guests of that hotel.  I think we put a “free dinner” notice on their chalkboard.  

Among our guests was a couple from Ireland, Derek & Patricia, who were there on their honeymoon.  She worked for Aer Lingus, which was the only way they could afford the trip.  They were married on the same day we were, just 15 or so years later.  We enjoyed their company so much we invited them to go island hopping with us.  On one island, Derek told the room clerk they were on their honeymoon & was asked why they were sharing a room with us.  He answered, “Damned if I know!”  

Our travels were about to come to an end & they wanted to take over our rental car, so they went with us to the airport.  Bud had bought leis for both me & Patricia.  We were in the front seat & they were in the back.  Derek had told his young wife (he knew better) that the term for receiving a lei was “getting laid” (lei-ed?)  It was all I could do to keep from laughing at the young innocent when she said, “I just love getting laid!  Don’t you love getting laid, Fran?”  I just kept facing forward & nodding!!

A year or so later, we flew to Ireland to visit them.  We stayed with them in their caravan (trailer) at the beach.  The drive was beautiful; the beaches were absolutely gorgeous.  We went out to dinner & finished about 10:00 pm, when we watched a lovely sunset.  (Ireland is pretty far north, so sunsets & sunrises are late.)  We drove back to the airport where we were told that our flight back to London was delayed because of fog.  We found this odd because it was nice & clear where we were.  Bud figured our flight was a no go if you couldn't stand on your tiptoes & actually see London from Ireland!!