Monday, December 24, 2018


(Reworked from several old posts.)

In 1979, when I wrote this, it was meant to be a joke just for Bud because I was tired of getting Xmas newsletters that said my husband was just elected God or my child just turned 6 & he's already Phi Beta Kappa. It's based on truth, as most humor is. Nameless was studying in Europe, Matt was at Northridge & worked for a sewer company. The “chunnel” (the tunnel across the English Channel) had not yet been built--I don’t know if it had even been planned at the time. Blake had just gotten his driver's license. General Motors was doing a lot better than they are now & we did buy a treadmill--also, we had a dog, Pepi. Bud liked it so much we sent it out with our cards. After receiving it, a friend told me that her husband asked her how I could brag like that. I liked her simple explanation: “It’s satire, stupid!”

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