Wednesday, December 26, 2018


On Thursday night last week my family & I drove to Arcadia.  It's a small town near Pasadena, where the Rose Bowl & the Rose Parade are held.  The Los Angeles Arboretum is in Arcadia & this year they turned the arboretum into an enchanted (& enchanting) Moonlight Forest.  I was in awe from the beginning to the end.

We went under this arch in the parking lot to get to the entrance.  It was about 40' tall:

This is one of the fish on this display:

From a very short distance & from far it looked like stained glass.
When you got closer you could see that it was 3 dimensional.
It was made of cloth stretched over an armature with lights inside.
I could have happily looked at this all night but there was much more to see.

There were China's terra cotta soldiers:

Many, many animals & birds:

There was a sea turtle:

And even insects:

My favorite was this 40' peacock:

This is us in front of the peacock.
From left to right, we are:
Alisha (Sophia's friend), Blake, Sophia (Sandy's daughter), Sandy, Matt (half hidden), Linda
& the lovely svelte young creature in the wheelchair is me:

There were tunnels to walk through
with octopuses & sharks breaking their way through:

There was a huge & magnificent dragon:

Here's Matt admiring a fish:

And stealing a kiss from another one:

There were jelly fish:

And vegetables:

And too many flowers to count:

You could even try on angel wings:

The only bad part of the evening was getting there in Los Angeles rush hour traffic.  The Arboretum is 36 miles from my house.  It took us exactly 2 hours to get there & 40 minutes to drive home.  But as you can see from the pictures, it was worth it!!

I couldn't find cartoons about the Arboretum, so here are some traffic cartoons: