Wednesday, May 15, 2019


I know I've been lax in answering your comments but I've been trying to get settled into my new routine here at "The Home."  For some reason, they want to continue doing things their way--not mine--so it's taking a little time.

I'm stopping my blog for a little while (or permanently, I'm not sure which).

Anyhow, if you've been worrying about me, don't.  I'm fine.  I'm just on a new schedule.  Also, I've started painting again.

See you later (or not)----Fran


  1. Post your paintings from time to time.

  2. "The Home"?? Did I miss something? I know I haven't gotten many posts lately, but they kept coming so I hoped I didn't miss anything. Apparent;y I have. If you have a new address can you send it to me in an email, please? Glad to hear you are painting!! :)

  3. Adjusting to a new environment is never easy. Take care Fran. Although I don’t comment often, I always enjoyed your funny posts.

  4. Please don't stay gone, you are too much fun!

  5. Stopping permanently? Say it isn't so. Temporary I can handle but to lose you forever? Still, if you must, then you must.
    but I hope you won't.

  6. If we get a vote, I vote for a "little while". I can't say much for I am on hiatus myself for health reasons but am planning on coming back as I hope you are also. To quote messymimi "you are too much fun." You could put a smile on a ho hum day. Please whip those folks into shape so they start doing things "your way"and come back soon.

  7. I emphatically look forward to your renewed online company. You are a bright, fixed, focal point in a chaotic universe. Much needed.

  8. I was getting worried, so I'm glad to find that you are OK. Painting again sounds wonderful. You have been through a lot this past year, so take your time to settle in and just do what you enjoy most. I will miss you a lot if you decide to stop blogging, so I hope you will show up here every now and then just to let us know how you are doing. Post pictures of your paintings, maybe. Love, Inger

  9. Apparently, I've been gone for too long! Since I have apparently missed a lot...
    I hope you don't stop blogging, since your posts always cheer me up and make me smile whenever I pop by.
    Painting sounds nice! The only thing I can draw is a raccoon...
    I hope you are doing great!


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