Wednesday, January 9, 2019


I once went to Las Vegas alone with my dad.  We went to see Roberta Flack's dinner show.  Now, normally while the performer is on stage you will hear plates rattling, waiters bustling around & people talking to each other.  I couldn't believe it but there wasn't a sound in the audience while she sang this.  Apparently, my dad & I weren't the only ones who were mesmerized by Flack & this beautiful song!!

Do you remember pressure cookers?  They were heavy pots that cooked things quickly by steam pressure & had a little vent on the top where the pressure gauge was.  My mother once redecorated our kitchen with one.  Well, not intentionally; she was making split pea soup & had to leave the house because of an emergency & when she returned the kitchen ceiling had been thoroughly split pea souped!!  It had blown the gauge off & shot up through the steam vent.  I don't remember what we had for dinner that night, but it sure wasn't split pea soup!! During the days of wringer washing machines & before garbage disposers, we found a bag of potato peels in the washer.  I guess it stopped by to visit the laundry on its way out to the trash.

My son Blake & his ex-girlfriend went together for quite a while & even lived together for a time. After they broke up, some friends called her. They wanted to fix her up with someone else, but they were reluctant to tell her his name.  Maybe that was because his name was also Blake. That wouldn't have been so bad, but his last name was the same as ours!!  What were the odds of there being two Blake Fischer's in Denver 25 years ago? Blake wasn't that common a name then.  Anyway, she passed on the deal!!

I was so pleased with Matt when he told me this before he married Linda:  He said a friend of his was marrying a girl because he got her pregnant.  He said that he believed that his friend should take care of the girl & their baby, but they should not get married because it probably wouldn't last.  He said he was marrying Linda because he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.  He & Linda celebrated their 30th anniversary this year!!

In 1977, when Nancy was 17, they still had toll charges on your telephone bills.  This was when you called out of your area.  They were individually listed on your phone bill.  One month Bud was upset by all the toll charges & he asked me to tell him which were mine & to ask the kids to tell me which ones were theirs.  One of the charges was identified by Nancy as her birth control clinic.  We had another talk about premarital sex & birth control clinics.  I asked her not to tell her father that the call was hers.  I didn't think he was old enough to know!!