Monday, January 21, 2019


It's a tricky word - "everybody." 
When you hear, "Everybody's doing it," it never includes you, 
and when you think, "Everybody knows that," 
it never includes anybody else. (Robert Brault)

Thanks to BuzzFeed, we have some examples:

This item’s assurance that it was not touched by the hands of Martians.

This warning for anyone with a throat.
Or mouth.

This brilliant analysis of the Swedish legal system.

This extremely helpful weather and traffic report.

 This update to Maya Angelou’s appearance schedule.

 This astute sports analysis.
CSN / Via barnorama.com

When this store was very upfront about what you can buy there.

 This helpful bathroom notice.

This library’s hours.

 The allergen information on this pack of eggs.

This nutty observation.

Pizza Hut’s roadside advertising.

And this, which I’m pretty sure is a broken chair.

And some warning labels for the stupid:


----(& fishducky, too)!!